Patient Care: Using Innovative Technology for Better Listening

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There’s a lot of difference between listening and hearing.

-G. K. Chesterton

Patient Care is sometimes stifled by the presence of technology.   Patients may feel that their providers are not listening because there’s a focus on getting the data input to their computers.  

When a provider isn’t glued to their screen they can:

  • Listen to the patient’s concerns more closely, and perhaps glean what the patient might be saying “between the lines.”
  • Get an understanding of the patient’s life – what factors may be contributing to their health, what concerns are keeping them up at night, perhaps what kept them from getting medical attention earlier.
  • Pay attention to non-verbal clues.   Body language often tells a very different story.  If they are fidgeting, not looking at you, acting nervous this shows that there is an opportunity to delve deeper into their stories.
  • By building trust and empathy, patients are more likely to see the medical help when they need it or be more likely to accept a providers suggestions for better health outcomes.

Scribe’s solutions – ScribeMobile and LiveScribe are designed to help providers cut the cord to their computers by using innovative technologies for chart completion.  Whether providers use the voice recognition capabilities of ScribeMobile or engage with a virtual scribe with LiveScribe, they can spend more time focusing directly on the patient.

Using these innovative solutions helps providers focus on what matters most – patient care.  And isn’t that why they joined the medical field in the first place?