Scribe’s charting solutions are vastly different than forcing providers to be tethered to their computers using Speech Recognition Technologies (SRTs).
Case studies show that provider productivity and satisfaction improves dramatically when they switch to Scribe’s charting solutions.  In addition, the quality of documentation improves, allowing organizations to improve coding and billing, reduce denials, successfully pass audits, and improve patient outcomes.
Dictation MethodAnywhere, anytime via
ScribeMobile – iPhone, Android, iPad, telephone, or Live Scribe
Tethered to computer
Dictation TypeWe can record the entire encounter while the provider focuses on the patient. The provider can leave the room without further work. Or, our LiveScribe can securely listen and document the encounter in real timeProvider must interact with computer and interrupt the patient encounter and/or spend additional time after the patient visit making edits to the dictation.
Dictation ContentComplete encounter, including the ability to use shortcuts (macros), pull content from prior encounters (meds, exams, etc)Narrative – only what the provider speaks and/or manually corrects.
Dictation EditingCompleted document(s) available for provider review and able to make edits if necessary.Provider and/or other staff resource
Output & DistributionAny documentation that is required is completed in addition to completing the EMR record – letters to referring MDs, faxes to them, etc.Provider and/or other staff resource
CodingEMR Specialist completes forProvider ReviewProvider and/or other staff resource
EMR IntegrationEnd to end integration – the narrative is broken into discrete components that allows our system (or EMR specialist) to complete the encounter for the provider to review and signProvider must click and pick and enter information via Dragon (or similar software) or type themselves or have an assistant enter for them.

Results DocumentationLonger, more accurate documentationLimited narrative
Results AuditingLess repetitiveLimited narrative
Results CodingMore thorough documentation to accurately support proper coding of the encounterN/A – only if provider completes
Results ProductivityLowest cost data entryHighest cost data due to entry by provider