Reducing Provider Burnout

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“I don’t think most doctors get burned out by doctoring; it’s everything else that comes along with it.”

Healthcare providers of all levels are finding this to be true – the overwhelming amount of administrative tasks they must do in addition to the most important work of diagnosing and treating patients. This video captures providers sharing their experiences of burnout and stress.

Every provider is under stress to keep up with the number of patients they see, and there’s no foreseeable change to that in the near future, nor the amount of paperwork they must complete.

However – making incremental changes in how a provider manages their administrative work can have a positive impact on their stress level and their own health and well-being.  Scribe’s solutions and tools for clinical documentation can be a significant step in that direction.  We can’t change the demands placed on providers, but we can improve the way they manage those demands.

Physician looking tired with laptop

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